Protect yourself from the dangers of the sun

Protect yourself from the dangers of the sun.

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First of all, under the sun, we are exposed to two types of UV rays:

UVA, able to penetrated deeply into the skin, they are responsible for its aging;
UVB, the main cause of sunburn, is nearly 1,000 times more powerful than UVA rays.

To protect themselves from the sun we should adopt a few simple gestures:

  • When the sun is at its highest, UV rays are the most dangerous. To reduce the risk, avoid exposing yourself between 12h and 16h
  • A T-shirt, a cap and sunglasses are the simplest tool against UV rays. Covering yourself is the best way to limit the risks associated with the sun.

  • Children and adolescents are more vulnerable to the sun. They have more fragile skin and eyes. To limit the risks, they must therefore be particularly protected.

  • Sunscreen is an indispensable filter for sunlight. To limit the risk, it must be applied every two hours and systematically after bathing. Attention, the cream does not allow to expose more longer.

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