The prejudices of organic cosmetics

The prejudices of organic cosmetics

About the prejudicies against organic cosmetics, we have: it has a short shelf life, it does not smell good, it is ineffective. And the best: it's expensive!

Prejudice # 1: they have limited preservation> TRUE

When we say organic cosmetics, many people directly have the image of seaweed and blended flowers! As a result, the expression "without conservatives" can frighten the less reckless among us. Organic cosmetics contain fewer preservatives and these are usually present in the form of essential oils. However, organic cosmetics are kept for shorter periods and are likely to degrade faster than conventional products due to their higher sensitivity to external conditions. Do not forget that degradation is a natural sign!

Prejudice # 2: it does not smell very well > FALSE

Over time, the brands of organic cosmetics have taken into account the reluctance of consumers and are now paying attention to their smell ! Organic cosmetics are composed of different ingredients and have various scents. Most often fruits and plants.

Prejudice # 3: organic products are expensive> FALSE

Everything depends on the brands and ranges as for the classic cosmetics. You can find organic products at very reasonable prices for example in Viñali Cosmetica and many others.

Prejudice # 4: organic products are less effective> FALSE

Conventional cosmetics contain only 1 or 2% of active ingredients while organic cosmetics almost 40%.

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